Tasting No. 171 – October 26, 2015 – Wines from The Rhône

Club del Vino


The Rhône – Source: Wikimedia.org


Capri Ristorante, McLean VA

 1. Presenters and Participants

Wines presenters: Orlando Mason


Members: Mario Aguilar, Clara Estrada, Emilio Labrada, Peter Lapera, Alvaro Lopez, Orlando Mason, Ítalo Mirkow,  Jorge Requena, Alfonso Sanchez, Jairo Sanchez, Ginger Smart, Ricardo Zavaleta.

Non members:  John Redwood, Lucía Redwood.

Type of Tasting: Blind

2. The Wines

  1. 2013  JT Chateau de Nages Joseph Torres Blanc
  2. 2013  JT Chateau de Nages Rouge
  3. 2012 JV Fleury Crozes-Hermitage
  4. 2012 Domaine de la Presidente Chateauneuf du Pape

3. The Menu

  1. -Grilled Portobello Mushroom
  2. -Smoked beef sausage with fettuccine al aceite de olive
  3. -Salad
  4. -Grilled lamb with potatoes and zucchini. Sauce on the side
  5. Desert and coffe

 4. Information on the Wines

(The information below has been compiled from varios internet sources) .

2013 JT Chateau de Nages Joseph Torres Blanc

jtblanc.jpgThe Winery.  Much of the 70-hectares of Château de Nages is planted with Syrah, which excels in our soil and bears color-drenched, concentrated, tannic grapes. Grenache is reserved for the poorer soils which temper its exuberance. In small doses, Mourvèdre confers an original, spicy complexity. After several trials, we discovered that certain parcels of our terroir had a predilection for Roussanne. Its tiny honey-colored berries release their aromatic richness in the wine. Grenache Blanc rounds the blends with its unique mineral note. Read more at: http://www.michelgassier.com/en/home.html

The Wine:   This is a blend of 80% Roussanne 20% Viognier.  Wines and Spirits describes the wine as :”A blend of 60percent barrel-fermented roussanne with marsanne and voignier, all pulled from his oldest vines, its smells of warm stone, nuts and earth; it tastes of clementines and lemons, with a light, savory spice.”

Alcohol: % ;  Price: $ TBA

Experts Ratings: W&S 90 pts.

2013 JT Chateau de Nages Rouge 

JT Red

The Wine : This wine is a Syrah (93%) with a 7% of Mourvedre. – Parker:  “Offers classic Syrah notes of powdered rock, pepper and dark berry fruit. Firm and tight on the palate, its medium-bodied, with integrate acidity and plenty of tannin.”

  • Alcohol: % ;  Price: $

Experts Ratings: WA 92 Pts.

2012 JV Fleury Crozes-Hermitage

Cozens Hermitage

The Wine: This is a 100% Syrah. Wine Spectator:  “Focused, with a plum skin and anise frame around the core of dark cherry and raspberry fruit. Subtle mesquite and sanguine notes line the fine-grained finish.” Fresh . Black Currant . Violet  . Medium-bodied.


Alcohol: 13% ;  Price: $

Experts Ratings: WS 90 Pts.

2012 Domaine de la Presidente Chateauneuf de Pape 

Domain de la P

The Wine : Displays mineral-tinged aromas of black cherry, underbrush, leather and spring flowers to go with a medium-bodied, fresh and edgy profile on the palate. It should benefit from short-term cellaring and have a decade of longevity.


Alcohol:  % ;  Price: $

Experts Ratings: WA 90 Pts.

4. Club del Vino Members Rating : TBA

Criterio para calificar:

Excepcional: 96-100 puntos; Excelente: 90-95 puntos; Muy Bueno: 86-89 puntos; Bueno: 81-85 puntos; Aceptable: 75-80 puntos.

El vino Blanco, calificado de Excelente con promedio de 90 puntos. El primer Tinto, también Excelente con calificación Media de 91 puntos; el segundo Tinto, también Excelente con calificación Media de 91 puntos. El tercer Tinto, también recibió una calificación de Excelente con 91 puntos. Esta degustación  Abierta, según las notas del grupo asistente, resulto muy buena por ser todos los vinos degustados Excelentes.

Vinos degustados:

2013 JT Chateau de Nages Joseph Torres Blanc

Media: 90

Desviación Estándar: 0.9

Mediana: 90

Moda: 90

2013 JT Chateau de Nages Rouge

Media: 91

Desviacion Estandar: 1.7

Mediana: 91

Moda: 91

2012 Domaine de la Presidente Chateauneuf du Pape Media: 91

Desviacion Estandar:  1.7

Mediana:  91

Moda:   91

2012 JV Fleury Crozes- Hermitage

Media:  91

Desviación Estándar:  0.8

Mediana: 91

Moda:  90

NOTA FINAL: Según las calificaciones y la opinión de los asistentes, el vino que se consideró mejor o de mayor preferencia, fue el Domaine de la Presidente Chateauneuf du Pape con una Moda de 91 puntos.


5. Regional Notes

 There is a good information on the Rhône wine región at this site:


There is also e summary prepared by Jairo Sánchez (taken from The Essential Guide to Wine cuyos autores son de Madeline Puckette y Justin Hammack y publishedby Wine Folly) here:

The Rhone Valley Wines



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