Tasting No. 170 – August 31, 2015 – Wines from Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa

Club del Vino



Capri Ristorante, McLean VA


Sorce: Winesofturkey.org

 1. Presenters and Participants

Wines presenters: Ruth Connoly and Ginger Smast

ParticipantsSocios: Mario Aguilar, Marcello Averburg,  Ruth Connolly, Clara Estrada, Jaime Estupiñan, Jorge Garcia-Garcia, Emilio Labrada, Ítalo Mirkow, Jorge Requena, Jairo Sanchez, Pedro Turina, German Zincke.

Type of Tasting: Open

2. The Wines

  1. AXIA Alpha Estate Malagouzia 
  2. Naoussa Xinomavro – Xinomavro
  3. Prestige Okuzgozu
  4. Chateau Musar by Gaston Hochar 2009

3. The Menu

  1. Antipasto
  2.  Corvina on the pesto
  3. Lasagna
  4. Beef with vegetables
  5. Desert and coffe

 4. Information on the Wines

(The information below has been compiled from varios internet sources) .

2013 AXIA Alpha Estate Malagouzia 


The Wine: Lively, simple white with citrus and dill herbal finish.  Well made medium bodied white made to be consumed young.  Malagouzia is an aromatic white variety grown in Central Greece and Greece Macedonia.  The variety was rescued from near extinction in 1983 by the winemaker Evangelos Gerovassiliou.  The grape is best known for its citrus and peach characteristics often showing various melon flavors on the palate.  It is often used as a blending agent with Assyrtico, to which it adds a medium body weight. 

Alcohol: 13% ;  Price: $20

Experts Ratings: TBA

2012 Naoussa Xinomavro – Xinomavro  


The Wine : Xinomavro literally means “sour black”.  It could be described as a raspberry with spice box and cinnamon aromas.  Lively acidity and a good tannic structure balance the cherry fruit.  It is one of Greece’s better indigenous reds.  It shows a spicy nose of black pepper, coffee and red fruit.

  • Alcohol: 13.5  % ;  Price: $19

Experts Ratings: TBA

2009 Prestige Okuzgozu 


The Wine: In this Turkish wine there is a clean fruity, very pure nose with real sweetness in this wine.  It is well balanced.  It has a Damson (sour plum) fruit that is round with good freshness


Alcohol: 14 % ;  Price: $23

Experts Ratings: NA

2007 Chateau Musar by Gaston Hochar 2009  


The Wine : Elegant with a long finish.  Plummy fruit shows on the finish.  Think Bordeaux blend when you taste this wine.  The wine winemakers were classically trained in France. Most winemakers are thinking of cash flow and try to get their wine sold as soon as possible.  This is not true with the Hochers.  They let their millions of bottles of wine age gracefully for years before their release.  Also, they hold back 100,000+ for research on their wine.  This family saved their vineyards during 20 years of civil war in their country which is a remarkable fete in itself


Alcohol:  13.5 % ;  Price: $40

Experts Ratings: TBA

4. Club del Vino Members Rating : 

Criterio para calificar:

Excepcional: 96-100 puntos; Excelente: 90-95 puntos; Muy Bueno: 86-89 puntos; Bueno: 81-85 puntos; Aceptable: 75-80 puntos.

El  vino Blanco, fue calificado  como  Muy Bueno con promedio de 88 puntos. El primer Tinto,  como  Bueno con una calificación  Media de 83 puntos; el segundo Tinto, como Excelente con calificación  Media de 90 puntos. El tercer Tinto, también recibió una calificación de Excelente con 91 puntos.  Esta degustación Abierta, según las notas del grupo asistente, resulto muy buena e interesante por los tipos de vinos consumidos, Excelentes y Muy Buenos.

Vinos degustados:

2013 Axia Alpha, Estate Malagouzia

Media: 88

Desviacion Estandar: 2.6

Mediana: 88

Moda: 87

2012 Naoussa Xinomavro-Xinomauvro

Media: 83

Desviación Estandar: 3.3

Mediana: 82

Moda: 80

2009 Prestige Okuzgoza

Media: 90

Desviacion Estandar:  2.2

Mediana:  89

Moda:   89

2007 Chateau Musar by Gaston Hochar

Media: 91

Desviacion Estandar: 1.8

Moda: 90

Mediana: 91

NOTA FINAL: Segun las calificaciones y  la opinion de los asistentes, el vino que se consideró mejor o de mayor preferencia, fue el Chateau Mussar con una Moda de 90 puntos.


5. Regional Notes

Jairo Sanchez prepared these notes from various sources includung Internet – Click the link to see the note


Ginger Smaart and Ruth Connolly prepared these additional notes

 Presentation Wines August 2015 Mediterranean wines



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