Tasting No. 167 – May 26, 2015 – Wines from the Americas – Non Traditional Countries

Calificación Media: 89Moda:  90

Club del Vino




Capri Ristorante, McLean VA




 1. Presenters and Participants

Wines presenters: Pedro Turina, Germán Zinke

ParticipantsSocios: Marcello Averburg, Ruth Connolly,  Alvaro Lopez, Orlando Mason,  Jorge Requena, Alfonso Sánchez, Jairo Sánchez, Pedro Turina,   Ricardo Zavaleta,  German Zincke.

Invitados: Alfonso Caycedo, Lucia Redwood, John Redwood,  

Type of Tasting: Open

2. The Wines

  1. Salton Virtude Chardonnay, 2011   Serra Gaucha, Brasil
  2. L. A. Cetto, Zinfandel 2009, Valle de Guadalupe Baja California, México
  3. Tacama, Gran tinto (Malbec, Petit Verdot, Tannat) 2012, Valle de Ica, Peru 
  4. Cave Spring Pinot Noir VQA Niagara Peninsula 2010,   Canada

3. The Menu

  1. Ensalada Caprese
  2. Gnocchi au Gratin
  3. Filete de Res a la Plancha en reducción de vino con papas doradas y habichuelas
  4. Postre/Café

 4. Information on the Wines

(The information below has been compiled from varios internet sources) .

Salton Virtude Chardonnay, 2011   Serra Gaucha, Brasil


Virtude 2The Wine:  Oaky mineral nose. Complex, restrained fruit. Mouth-watering fresh structure. Complex finish.

Campanha is Brazil’s most southerly wine-producing region, located along the country’s border with Uruguay. While not quite as well known as the neighboring region of Serra Gaucha, Campanha – sometimes known as Fronteira – is beginning to attract attention for the quality of its wines. Soft, fruit-driven reds and rustic, full-bodied whites are made here from grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat and Chardonnay,  Read more at   http://www.wine-searcher.com/wine-283814-2011-salton-virtude-chardonnay-serra-gaucha-brazil

Alcohol: 13% ;  Price: TBA

Experts Ratings: TBA

 L.A. Cetto, Zinfandel 2009, Valle de Guadalupe Baja California, México 


la cetto zinfandel1The Wine : Color rojo vivo rubí; intensos aromas frutales a frambuesa, moras y casís; en boca, resalta su carácter frutal, intenso y equilibrado.  Añejamiento de 12 meses.

A couple of hours from downtown San Diego, just across the Mexican border, lies the Valle de Guadalupe, a place of green valleys and boulder-covered hills. Its dry, hot summers and cooler, damper winters, combined with porous soil and cooling sea breezes, are ideal for grape growing. This northern end of the Baja California peninsula is, in fact, one of the New World’s oldest wine-growing areas. Jesuit priests cultivated vines here in the 18th century, and the first commercial winery, Bodegas de Santo Tomas (santo-tomas.com), opened in 1888.

 Irrigation is the lifeblood of the vines here, a basic tenet of desert agriculture. Just about all the world’s warm-climate grape varieties are grown, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Zinfandel, Nebbiolo, Syrah, Tempranillo, Malbec, Carignan and Grenache among red grapes. The wines tend to be full-bodied and high in alcohol, with lusty black-fruit flavors and an occasional blast of heat and/or saltiness derived from saline-rich water used for irrigation. Among white wines, look to early harvested, oak-free Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Viognier as best bets. Read more at:http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/jan/31/mexico-wine-trail-valle-de-guadaloupe-baja-california

  • Alcohol:  14 % ;  Price: TBA

Experts Ratings: TBA

Tacama, Gran tinto (Malbec, Petit Verdot, Tannat) 2012, Valle de Ica, Peru


The Wine: 

Winemaker’s comments “An elegant blend of Malbec, Tannat and Petit Verdot, shows a glistening red colour. On the nose, aromas of red cherry and berry fruits with smokey herbal notes, supported by very soft and gentle tannins. A light and smooth texture, elegant fruit flavours with hints of spice.”

The Tacama Vineyard has an area of about 200 hectares (494 acres) and is located in the Valley of Ica, a fertile oasis surrounded by desert. It is situated 300 kilometers from Lima the capital of Perú, and 50 kilometers from the coast, it is 400 meters above sea level. Tacama uses both French technology and receives advice from French experts. Tacama has won several awards in international shows.  International Experts have classified Tacama’s wines as being of worldclass quality. Read more at: http://www.tacama.com/english/portada.htmad 

Alcohol:  13.5% ;  Price: TBA

Experts Ratings: NA

Cave Spring Pinot Noir VQA Niagara Peninsula 2010, Canada 


The Wine : Juicy, aromas and flavours of tart cherries and fresh-turned earth! Lovely balance and appeal in the glass with one of Niagara’s signature grapes and flagship producers. This wine would be perfect for holiday dinners, whether you’re serving the turkey or bringing the hostess gift.

Niagara Peninsula is the largest and most productive viticultural area in Canada, located on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. More ice wine is made on the Niagara Peninsula than anywhere else on Earth, to the point where the region is synonymous with lusciously sweet wine, although many varieties of quality dry wine are also produced. Riesling is something of a local darling and has a loyal following of enthusiasts. The ubiquitous Chardonnay is also prominent and its Burgundian partner, Pinot Noir, is becoming more common. Read more at:  http://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-niagara+peninsula

Alcohol:  % ;  Price: TBA

Experts Ratings: TBA

4. Club del Vino Members Rating : TBA

Criterio para calificar:

Excepcional: 96-100 puntos; Excelente: 90-95 puntos; Muy Bueno: 86-89 puntos; Bueno: 81-85 puntos; Aceptable: 75-80 puntos.


El  vino Blanco, fue calificado  como  Bueno con promedio de 85 puntos. El primer tinto, también como  Bueno con una calificación Media de 85 puntos; el segundo tinto, tuvo una calificación media de Muy Bueno con un promedio de 88 puntos. El tercero y último de los tintos, recibió una calificación de Muy Bueno con un puntaje medio de 89. En resumen,  esta  degustación de mayo 2015, según las notas del grupo asistente, resulto muy interesante por la variedad y calidad de vinos de distintos países degustados.

2011 Salton Virtude – Chardonnay, Serra Gaucha, Brasil

Calificación Media: 85

Desviación Estándar: 3.4

Mediana: 87

Moda: 88

Impresión General:   Un vino  Bueno, color Amarillo Dorado, mineralidad y un poco de acidez, aroma y sabor agradable con un final largo y persistente, muy bien balanceado y elegante.

2009 L. A. Cetto, Zinfandel, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, México.

Calificación Media: 85

Desviación Estándar: 4.1

Mediana: 87

Moda: 87

Impresión General: Un vino especial, con un color rubí, sabor frutoso y taninos moderados así como su final, agradable y de una estructura balanceada.

2010 Cava Sprint Pinot Noir, VQA Niagara Peninsula,      Canada  

Media: 88

Deviation Estándar: 4.1

Mediana: 89

Moda:  90

Impresión General: Intenso aroma frutal agradable, bien balanceado, con una estructura solida taninos moderados y un excelente final.

2012 Tacama, Gran Tinto Blend, Valle de Ica, Peru

Calificación Media: 89

Desviación Estándar: 3.5

Mediana: 89

Media: 89

Impresión General: Intenso aroma frutal agradable, bien balanceado, con una estructura solida taninos moderados y un excelente final.

5. Regional Notes

Please click below to see the maps and read about the regions included in this tasting.  Jairo Sanchez prepared the note.

Preu- mexico-canada- brazil 



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