Good Wine for $3 dollars?

Good Wine for $ 3 dollars? Three cheers for $ 3 wine

A prestigious magazine (name removed at their request)  has a selection of Red Wines that lists one for $ 3. It is time to check this out.

Is a $3 bottle of wine worth drinking? Yes, if it is Trader Joe’s Merlot. Charles Shaw beat far pricier merlots when our experts recently tasted dozens of malbecs, merlots, and pinot noirs, varietals that work well with a range of foods (think Thanksgiving dinner). The Rarings list the best for our tests. All can be drunk now but might improve in next year or two. They should be served in the mid-60s.

Merlot is medium bodied, and a classic high-quality merlot is known for its velvety feeling in the mouth. In addition to berry, black pepper, oak, and tobacco flavors, merlot may have hints of licorice, herbs such as mint, and (yes, again) leather. Malbecs stand up even better than merlots to fatty or charred foods.

The rated merlots are 2009 vintage except Velvet Devil, McManis, and Charles Shaw, which are 2010. Chateau Ste. Michelle and Velvet Devil are from Washington, the rest from California. Two that didn’t make the cut: Shafer, $47, and Target’s Wine Cube, $4.50 per 750 milliliters. Despite the price gap, their scores were similar.


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