The best…wine openers – according with The Week

The best…wine openers   – according with The Week                             

These corkscrews will ease the task of drawing out the cork.

POSTED ON NOVEMBER 18, 2011, AT 11:17 AM

Peugeot Elis Electric Corkscrew

Open your next bottle of wine “one-handed, with eyes closed.” This device requires only that you sit it on top of the bottle and occasionally recharge the batteries.


Source: Wall Street Journal

Fashion Animals Corkscrew

We like waiter’s-style corkscrews that come with a “double-jointed arm for good leverage.” This one also has a thin worm, or wire.


Source: Every Day With Rachael Ray

Screwpull Advanced Leverpull Wine Opener

Fit for a museum, this lever-style corkscrew perfectly combines “simplicity, functionality, and form.” While the price is high, the Advanced Leverpull is “built to last.”


Source: Wall Street Journal

Screwpull Original Corkscrew

Despite this tool’s “somewhat flimsy plastic construction,” many wine lovers appreciate the way its long spiral gently draws a cork.


Source: Every Day With Rachael Ray

Peugeot Mathus Blade-Style Corkscrew

Since brittle corks are prevalent in older bottles, a blade-style pull can be a true oenophile’s “best friend.” It’s the “perfect solution” for salvaging a broken cork.



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