Wine on TV, on the WEB and other places: mostly videos some of them fun and educative.

Click on the site of your interest. Try it. You’ll like it!

Wine Library  TV – about 1000 Videos by Gary Vaynerchuck   < click here it will open in a new tab or new widnow  – very informal but rich in content. Fout to six wines per episode.

Wine Channel TV   < click here, opens in new tab, dynamic channel mostly from Chicago, it is YouTube based so sometimes it is slow. The wait is worthed.

Wine Taste TV   < click here, opens in new window/tab. The site has more information than we can handle. Some parts still not fully functional.

Dr. Vino’s wine blog  < click here, new tab. Its a blog of news, curiosities, and other thing wine related. Very interesting

Tasting Red Wine < click here, you know the routine. This Wine Spectator clip in YouTube has been called ‘Wine Tasting for Dummies’. Intelligent people are allowed.


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