At the Da Domenico Ristorante Ambrosi Ramela salutes the 10 years of the Club del Vino

Ambrosi Ramela sings saluting the 10 years of the Club del Vino April 28, 2011. This was on the Da Domenico Ristorante Italiano, Tysons Corner, VA.  Click the arrow to watch this 1 minute and a few seconds clip.               (If it does not work click here >     A.Ramela sings  new tab)

Alvaro Lopes, the Club del Vino Vice-President, delivers the Club plaque of the 10 year aniversary. The funny  side of it is that the President Juan Luiz Colaiacovo is notified that he also has to contribute to the cost of the trophy. This is a short clip of less than 20 seconds.     (If does not work you may click here>  Delivering the Plaque  new tab)

Club del Vino

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