How bold is your favorite red wine?

How bold is your favorite red wine?

Jose Brakarz sent this chart. Club Members will find this certainly interesting.

Dear Members: I found this graph about the scale of red wines and thought about sharing with you.

I first sent it to our foremost expert in the group, Ricardo, to hear his opinion.

Ricardo Santiago’s comments: “Wine Folly is a serious and trustworthy publication. The Graphic is great but is
really a generalization. For instance: Pinot Noir is a light body, but it can also be medium body. You can
have a specific Mencia classified as medium body, but with less body than a specific Pinot Noir from
Oregon. In the same way the Gamay light body can be medium body.”

Next April 25th is the monthly Club de Vino tasting. Cristian Santelices and Jorge Claro will present a selection of Chilean wines from Aconcagua Region. Details will be posted as soon they are available.

Please, as soon as possible,  let Claudia Perazza and or Clara Estrada know that your plan to attend. Keep tasting!


Not so serious matter:

Every morning having a glass of water with some lemon drops will make you lose a lot of weight. The only requisite is that the lemon tree must be 10 Km from your place.

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  1. Ginger Smart says:

    This is helpful…..especially after Ricardo’s comments.

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