Tasting No. 173 – December 14, 2015 – Wines from France – Rousillon, Laguedoc, Provence

Club del Vino


Capri Ristorante, McLean VA

 1. Presenters and Participants

Wines presenters: Jaime Estupiñán, Alfonso Sanchez

Participants: Members: Mario Aguilar, Marcello Averburg,  Ruth Connolly, Clara Estrada, Jaime Estupiñan, Jorge Garcia-Garcia,  Peter Lapera, Alvaro Lopez, Ítalo Mirkow, Jorge Requena,  Alfonso Sanchez, Jairo Sanchez, Pedro Turina,, Carlos E. Velez, Ricardo Zavaleta, German Zincke. 

Non members:  Jose Brakars

Type of Tasting: Blind

2. The Wines 

  1. 2014 Mirabeau – Rosé Pure Côtes de Provence
  2. 2011 Château Maris – Carignan Minervois La Livinière Continuité de Nature, Laguedoc
  3. 2013 Domaine Lafage – Côtes du Roussillon Tessellae Old Vines
  4. 2013 Vignerons de L’ile de Beaute Corse – Syrah Aleria XX 270, Corsica

3. The Menu

  1. Entrada de jamones, salami y aceitunas.
  2. Ensalada
  3. Pasta con champiñones
  4. Entrecot (lomito) con papas fritas.
  5. Café y Postre.

 4. Information on the Wines

(The information below has been compiled from varios internet sources) .

2014 Mirabeau – Rosé Pure Côtes de Provence

Taken from: http://www.mirabeauwine.com/about/

rosemirabeu_3338351bThe Winery. Provence leads the world in producing dry, gastronomic rosé wines and though the region may boast 300 days of sunshine every year, there can be dramatic vintage variations across this large and geographically diverse wine producing area.  The fruit is sourced from some of the best growers in the region, covering over 1,250 hectares (3,000 acres) of prime Côtes de Provence vineyards and giving us access to fantastic fruit from different locations. To help pick the top bins from these vineyards, the winemaking team which is lead by Jo Ahearne, who is not only a Master of Wine (who chose to do her dissertation on rosé), but who is also a fully qualified oenologist, having studied in the Barossa Valley in Australia.

The Wine: Very pale, delicate violet pink with a hint of salmon weaving into the colour spectrum.   Strawberry notes appear first closely followed by raspberries and white cherries. Then a merest whisper of that most elegant of fruits, rhubarb. The acidity is crisp and integrated and the fruit provides an element of texture and complexity. Grenache 60% and Shiraz 40%

Like red wine, Provence rosé is made from red grapes. It’s the natural pigment of the grape skins that gives both red and rosé wines their color and tannic structure. The color, flavor, and elegance of rosé depends on at least three things:

  1. Type and quality of the grapes
  2. Temperature control throughout the winemaking process (cold preserves the aromas)
  3. Length of time the nearly colorless grape juice remains in contact with the pigmented skins and seeds (the “skin contact” period)

Provence rosés get their unique color and character from this limited time of skin contact, which lasts for only a matter of hours. Red wines, by contrast, are “long vatted” – the skins are in contact with the juice for days, giving the wine a rich, dark color and a more tannic flavor.  While rosé-making is an art, it’s also a science, and the tools, controls, and equipment available have evolved significantly in recent years. Today’s techniques, though rooted in tradition, are much more sophisticated and reliable than those of decades past. This is thanks in part to the work of the Center for Rosé Research in Provence, the only such organization in the world.

Alcohol: 13.5 % ;  Price: $ 16

Experts Ratings:91 points: Parker’s The Wine Advocate: Gold medal from Concours General Agricole of Paris in 2015

2011 Château Maris Minervois La Livinière Continuité de Nature, Carignan,  Laguedoc 


chateau-maris-continuite-de-nature-2011-240The Wine : 90% Carignan, 10% Grenache. Aged in oak for 18 months. Very even and deep red and garnet color. Bright with deep purple hints. Open and expressive with great complexity. There are ripe black fruits (blackcurrants, elderberries) alongside more spicy characteristics (pepper, herbs). Very attractive in the mouth with firm yet silky tannins. Aromatic & spicy with a fabulously generous weight. The finish is long and delicate

  • Alcohol: 14% ;  Price: $27

Experts Ratings: WA 93 Pts. – “As with the 2012, the 2011 Carignan Continuite de Nature comes from very old-vine, goblet-trained Carignan vines. Showing the best of the variety, with classic black cherry, saddle leather, wild herbs and exotics spices, it flows onto the palate with a big, voluptuous texture that carries polished tannin and rocking length. Staying fresh and lively, and not skimping on fruit or texture, it’s a great Carignan to enjoy over the coming 5-7 years, if not longer. “

WS 91 Pts. “A powerful, concentrated style, with a core of molten chocolate to the effusive dark fruit flavors. There are pepper accents that linger as well, with a sanguine finish that offers plenty of minerality.

2013 Domaine Lafage – Côtes du Roussillon Tessellae Old Vines

TesellaeThe Wine: The 2013 Tessellae Old Vines is a blend of 40% Grenache, 40% Syrah and 20% Mourvedre that was aged all in concrete tank. It offers brilliant notes of black cherries, blueberry, licorice, clove and spring flowers in its medium to full-bodied, gorgeously pure profile. Showing more and more finesse and elegance with time in the glass, as well as classic Roussillon minerality on the finish, it has loads of fruit and texture yet is never heavy, cumbersome or cloying.


Alcohol: 14% ;  Price: $15

Experts Ratings: WS 94 Pts.

2013 Vignerons de L’ile de Beaute Corse Syrah Aleria XX 270, Corsica

AleriaThe Wine : Made from a block of Syrah vines that are planted on steep, granite soils (which is unique as this region is mostly limestone) facing the Mediterranean Sea, the 2013 Corse XX270 sports an inky purple color to go with incredible granite influence in its liquid rock, blackberry, raspberry, floral and peppery bouquet. Medium to full-bodied, with incredible purity, this is a seriously elegant, classically styled Syrah to drink over the coming decade.


Alcohol:  % ;  Price: $18

Experts Ratings: WA 93 Pts.

4. Club del Vino Members Rating : TBA

Criterio para calificar:

Excepcional: 96-100 puntos; Excelente: 90-95 puntos; Muy Bueno: 86-89 puntos; Bueno: 81-85 puntos; Aceptable: 75-80 puntos.

2014 Mirbeau – Rose Pure Cotes de Provence

Calificación Media: 89

Desviación Estandar: 2.0

Mediana: 90

Moda: 90

2011 Chateau Maris – Carignan Minervois, Laguedoc

Calificación Media: 89

Desviación Estándar: 2.4

Mediana: 89

Moda: 89

2013 Domaine Lafage – Cotes du Roussillon    

Calificación Media: 90

Desviación Estándar:  4.7

Mediana:  90

Moda:   90

2013 Vignerons de L’ile de Beaute Corse

Calificación Media:  92

Desviación Estándar:  1.7

Mediana: 92

Moda:  92

NOTA FINAL: Segun las calificaciones y  la opinion de los asistentes, el vino que se considero mejor o de mayor preferencia, fue el Vignerons de L’ile de Beaute Corse con una Moda de 92 puntos..


5. Regional Notes

Read more :

Languedoc Rousillon

Provence:  http://www.provencewineusa.com/site/terroir

Languedoc: http://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-languedoc-roussillon

Cotes de Rousillon: http://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-cotes+du+roussillon

Corsica: http://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-corsica




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