Never Pick Another Bad Wine

Never Pick Another Bad Wine:   Vivino will help

vivino1That is what says the Vivino web site ( Vivino is an application (app for short) that works well on a smart phone. It has versions for the Apple iPhone, for all Google Androids and for the Windows Phone.  A couple of short clips on the app are embed at the bottom of this post.

Let’s suppose you are in a store looking for a wine to drink while dinning. A new wine is in the shelve. You never saw this before, but the region, the varietal or the price look good. Before buying it you could use Vivino. Just open the Vivino in your smart phone take a picture of the label and voilá! A description, evaluation and price will come along in seconds.

Vivino also shows the wine ranking and let’s you give your own opinion. It is fast and fun.

It serves as record keeper of the wines you tasted, you liked or you feel like keeping the name for a purchase or recommendation later on. Next tasting of the Club you don’t have to make a note of a wine you liked. Just ask Felipe to lend you the bottle for a moment take a shot of the label and you have a record of it.

And the price of the app? I am sure you can afford it!   There is a Vivino Pro version that costs a few bucks. I use the free one and I am happy with it. Five million users around the world and counting. Vivino is many languages enabled. It is Facebook and Twitter connected.


Vivino is considered one of the best apps useful for wine lovers by:     The Guardian      Forbes       iTunes    Play Google.

Vivino: app review:

Vivino: Never forget the name of a good wine


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