Emilio Bernal Labrada has a new book: Geting Away with Murder in US Public Life

Emilio Bernal Labrada has a new book: Geting Away with Murder in US Public Life

This gripping page-turner covers a series of murders and felonies in high places,
committed by and against powerful politicians and public figures of all stripes in
collusion with mobsters, spies and henchmen.
Exposed are great unsolved murders: a famous president and his brother, a great
civil rights leader, an FBI Chief, a legendary movie star (“suicide”) and an iconic
politician’s lover (“car accident”). Covered up by the very powers that committed
them were the motives and brains behind them.
Also exposed are the sex lives of the killed and their killers, their Mafia
accomplices and Hollywood lovers, including regular participants in White House
and Las Vegas sex parties.
These unsettling events form a mind-boggling compendium of criminal and
amoral conduct. Even today, media manipulation and continuing official cover-ups
keep the public in the dark, assuming that everything has been done “by the book.”
This chronicle, reflecting possible reality, will awaken Americans to powerful
forces working behind the scenes, capable not only of unimpeached and unpunished
high crimes, misdemeanors and felonies but, more importantly, of covering them
up officially and seamlessly.              ISBN 978-1-47503-110-2

About the Author

A Cuban-Americanliving in the U.S. for a half century,    the author is a linguist who writes prose and poetry in two languages (English, Spanish), and reads in five or  six. He is a member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE), the Real Academia Española (RAE) and the Academy of the History of Cuba (in exile).

A curious, sophisticated world traveler,  he has spent decades researching suspicious public events, reading hundreds of books and interviewing anonymous confidential sources. Refusing to believe official versions, he is setting the record straight by gathering facts and piecing together the jig-saw puzzles masking the truth. While others have pseudonymously evaded consequences, he is keenly aware that this book entails a palpable danger.

But after spending a lifetime writing it, unveiling the story behind momentous events in America’s history is, for him, worth the risk.

 The Club del Vino congratulates the member Emilio Bernal Labrada for the release of his book that will be available in the bookstores very soon. Amazon.com, for instance, will ship the book for those interested.

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