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78 Years Later – United States Wine Shines in the World

78 Years Later –  United States  Wine Shines in the World During the history of wine the grape phylloxera (Daktulosphaira vitifoliae) was not the only obstacle the wine industry had to overcome. On the opposite side of the Atlantic the “Dry Law” … Continue reading

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Reunión 131 Marzo 29, 2012 – Da Domenico

Reunión 131  Marzo 29, 2012  – Da Domenico Ristorante Italiano Post Contents: 1.  Wines 2. Menu 3. Birthday of the Month 4. Participants of the Tasting – up to March 23 5. Wines Varietal Description  1. The Wines  The meeting … Continue reading

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Special Meeting: March 20 Wine Tasting at the Total Wine of McLean, VA

March 20  Wine Tasting at the Total Wine McLean Store          12:30 PM Post Contents: I. Total Wine address II. List of Participants III. Wines of the Silver List briefs IV. Notes on the Tasting I.    Total … Continue reading

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Sobre o falecimento de Euro Alves

Falecimento de Euro Alves Meus Queridos Amigos do Club del Vino Tenho a péssima missão de informar que o nosso estimado Euro Alves não se encontra mais entre nós. Faleceu esta madrugada (24/Fevereiro/2012) em sua casa em Rockville, MD. A família levará … Continue reading

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