Juan Luis finds an interesting place, let’s check it out and feedback

 Juan Luis finds an interesting place, let’s check it out and feedback

You most certainly have seen the message from Juan Luiz Colaiacovo  (6/Jan/12) on the  Northside Social a place at 3211 Wilson Boulvard, Arlington VA. Telephone 703-4650145.

New York Wine and Food Experience  Thursday January 12th 7:00 pm

Brooklyn Oenology (EN-ology, or simply ‘BOE’) is  a woman-owned winery based  in Williamsburg, Brooklyn founded by winemaker Alie Shaper in 2006. BrooklynOenology works to present the flavor of our region by sourcing grapes exclusivelyfrom local New York State vineyards and by placing the exciting work of NewYork City artists on our labels. BOE works with local restaurants, markets, food producers and art organizations, and has become an exciting part of the Brooklynand New York City culinary scene.
Join Winemaker Alie Sharper and Sommelier Alison Christ Wine Bar at Northsidefor this fun wine tasting.$40 per person including five wines and New York influenced small plates.

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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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