THE TOP 100 WINES OF 2013 – WINE SPECTATOR – Some Obervations

Top WS 100 – Comment

Alfonso Sanchez

There are several salient features in the WS Top 100 Wines for 2013:

  • Sixty one  wines on the list are from the new world, of which 27 are from the USA which shows probably the increasing quality of American wines and/or the evolving assessment criteria than gives more weight to new world styles (more fruity, high alcohol) as opposed to the old world’s. You guess.
  • Six wines South America made it to the list (three from Chile and three from Argentina).
  • Spain got 9 wines on the list but it is remarkable that 6 are from Rioja, including the number one – Imperial Rioja – Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España Gran Reserva – 2004 95 pts. $63). The other three wines are from Bierzo, Campo de Borja and Sevilla (Manzanilla La Gitana). Is this a signal of the focus on quality by the wine makers in Rioja? Perhaps.
  • There are 24 wines on the list that cost $25 or less, of which 12 are on the top 50. • There are 36 wines that cost between $25 and $50 of which 20 are in the top 50 wines
  • In total 60 of the 100 wines cost $50 or less.
  • The lowest priced wine on the list (Badia a Coltibouno- Toscana Cancelli -2011) in only $10.

In the same issue of the WS there is a section of 100 wines of outstanding value (defined as 90 points or higher costing $18 or less). Eleven of them are also in the Top 100 list. There France has 26 wines, Italy has 15, Australia has 10, Washington has 10, Argentina has 4 and Chile has 1.

These observations might help us in selecting candidate wines for our tastings. We could say for example that we should not taste wines under say $18 or $20 unless they have a rating of 90 points or more. In this way we can gradually raise the quality of our tastings.

Printable List of Top 100 Wines _ Top 100 of 2013 _ Wine Spectator

Tasting NOTES_Printable List of Top 100 Wines _ Top 100 of 2013 _ Wine Spectator

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