Operational Guide


Operational Guide

Membership to this club is by invitation only.  A person interested in becoming a member of the  must be sponsored by an active member and presented to The Steering Committee for consideration.

Upon acceptance to the Club, the person must;

Pay the membership dues according with the standing policy at the time of admission.

Participate at least once a year in the organization of a tasting  meeting of his/her choice  This will be done by the formation of groups of 2 or 3 members who will be responsible for organizing, managing and running each tasting meeting including selecting and purchasing the wines, presenting the wines at the tasting meeting, selecting the appropriate pairing menu to the wines being tasted and making the necessary arrangements with the restaurant.

The organizers of the tasting send the information on the wines and the menu  to the Secretary of the Club and to the Blog Coordinator for transmission to the Club membership.

Approximately two weeks  before the tasting date the Secretary issues the invitation to the tasting to all members asking them to confirm their participation or otherwise. The deadline to confirm is by c.o.b. of the last Wednesday before the meeting.

Club meetings take place on the date, place and time selected for the event.

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  1. Prezados senhores, meu nome é Prof. Pedro Guilherme Kraus e conheço o Prof. Juan Luis Colaiacovo de longa data, em atividades profissionais no Brasil. Gostaria de retormar o contato e desenvolver livros sobre negociações. Atualmente, atuo na Fundação Getúlio Vargas e o meu e-mail para contato é pedro.kraus@fgv.br.

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